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Agile and reliable solutions that
generate change and ensure the
profitability of your business.

Organizations operate in an environment in which information is essential to achieve the desired results. As such, it is crucial to have efficient support for the systems in use, ensuring they are stable and reliable in an agile process that caters to constantly changing business. It is precisely in this context that CWI is the ideal partner for your company, by virtue of our CWI Software Factory.

Main Concepts

  • Team

    Dedication to our clients;
    Local or remote;
    Knowledge of the major technologies in the market.

  • Methodology

    CWI Methodology;
    This can encompass all or only some of the stages in the development cycle;
    Caters to both new and existing systems.

  • Tools

    Package/demand management;
    Trouble ticketing and/or software bugs;
    Configuration management;
    Continuous integration.

  • Monitoring

    Results measured by SLAs;
    Constant monitoring of quality and productivity;
    Progress report.

  • Management

    The Customer Factory is CWI’s technical IT Management Area;
    Medium- to long-term partnerships.

Types of Factory Demands

  • Improvements and Maintenance

    Corrective, evolutionary and preventive maintenance;
    Improvement packages;
    One-off demands.

  • New developments

    Development of new

  • Support for Existing

    Level 3 Support;
    Emergency Improvements
    and corrections;
    Monitoring application;
    24/7 Service.

Main client benefits

Business focus

Clients can concentrate on their business.

CWI focuses on delivering and updating the system technology.

CWI Management

Technical/administrative management of the factory is carried out by CWI.

Experience in implementing and managing the software factory.

Adapting the model to suit the customer’s needs.

Transparency - clients have full access to the team and its activities.

Flexibility in Team Allocation

Flexibility in expanding or downsizing the team.

Agility in meeting new demands.

Team dedicated to increasing productivity, quality and continuous business/systems knowledge.

Delivery Management

Short-term delivery with features that add value to your business.

Catering to different types of demands.

Planning regarding outstanding versions and deliveries.

Cost Management

Package quotes.

Knowledge and control of forecasted/actual costs for each type of demand.

Greater control and management reflects in lower costs for projects delivered.


SLA Management.

Constant monitoring of quality and productivity in projects delivered.

Inefficiencies generated by the factory are not charged – production bugs, reworking, delays.