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Specialized tests to improve the quality of your software features.

We operate in an environment in which the criticality and portability of web, mobile and desktop applications require specialized attention.

A lack of control and quality assurance practices results in errors that generate losses and cause dissatisfaction among users.

As such, we use experience to establish a more specific testing strategy that focuses on the key elements of each project, regardless of the platform used.

By means of the test factory, we can help your company eliminate the risk of faults as much as possible, maintaining the stability of applications in production and improving the quality of functional and non-functional elements.

Main client benefits

Cost reduction

Lower test costs.

Free evaluation

Ensuring that typical project pressures do not affect the level of quality expected for applications.

Specialized Tests

Application of specialized business-oriented tests applied to different levels and strategies.

Dedicated team

A dedicated team approved by the customer.

Flexibility and agility

Flexibility and agility in expanding or downsizing the team.

Improving Quality

Minimization of risks, improving the quality and security of launching system versions.

Consolidated Processes

Using consolidated processes, techniques and testing tools.

Process improvements

Inserting improvements into the development process as a whole.


  • Team

    Experienced and dedicated;
    Pragmatic profile;
    Know-how in web, mobile and desktop tests;
    Remote service with frequent visits.

  • Methodology

    Mature and consolidated;
    Using practical and agile services in line with the CMMI level 3 framework;
    Customized to the client;
    Access to the development and business teams;
    Transparency of activities;
    Performance indicators for the product and/or service .

  • Tools

    Integrated management and test execution;
    Automated test frameworks;
    Database and code inspection;
    Generation of mass data;
    Shared access.

  • Product

    Focus on quality;
    Important and essential tests for business;
    Shared access deliverables (e.g. testing scenarios).

  • Environment

    Tests on different platforms and browsers;
    Specific data mass, Mobile testing devices;
    Tests under development, approval, pre-production and/or production;
    Local or remote infrastructure.


  • Faults found
  • Scenarios executed
  • Evidence of testing
  • Automation scripts
  • Product and service metrics
  • Documenting business and/or system materials (optional)