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Agility and efficiency are elementary characteristics of companies that have technology as a service. Therefore, it must contain personalized applications, tailored to your business needs and designed by experts in Strategic Software Engineering.

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At CWI, we already delivered different solutions that provide greater scalability and flexibility for technology companies. A great example is the proposal assembly system of a telecommunications company.

With the digitalization of the customer journey and the new software, a process that could last 1 month and require the involvement of 30 people can now be carried out in just 1 hour. Million-dollar contracts have already been signed after implementing the system.


Thanks to the solution created together with the CWI team, today the company can make more quotes — and make them faster —, in addition to being able to participate in competitive bidding processes with a reduced deadline for submitting proposals. In other words, the operation, in general, became more efficient.

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Technologies applied in projects

Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office. Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office.

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