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Coca-Cola truck, decorated for Christmas, on a red background. Coca-Cola truck, decorated for Christmas, on a red background.

App tracks Illuminated Caravans in real time

Application meets Coca-Cola’s long-standing desire, benefiting our client’s end consumer.

Christmas is a special time for Coca-Cola, a CWI partner for ten years. This period is celebrated with a series of special actions, marked by a deep identification and connection with its consumers, through values ​​such as empathy and solidarity.

The company’s relationship with Christmas transcends commercials, becoming an annual tradition that inspires genuine and emotional bonds with the public. Among the main initiatives are the Illuminated Caravans, with the classic decorated red trucks, which travel through different cities in Brazil spreading joy and Christmas spirit.

Continue reading to find out how CWI contributes to the Coca-Cola 2023 Christmas project, offering innovative technological solutions that take the Caravans experience to a new level!

The Coca-Cola 2023 Christmas project

At Christmas 2023, Coca-Cola wanted a Landing Page to disseminate information about its actions and, more specifically, the caravan itineraries, improving the experience of the event conventionally awaited by many Brazilians. They wanted consumers to be able to select their cities and see which streets the trucks would pass through, along with approximate times.

Although it was already customary to make this information available, an old desire still persisted at Coca: to provide tracking of the caravans’ routes in real time. In other words, allowing your audience to follow the entire route of the trucks, knowing the exact location where each of them would be. Furthermore, providing consumers with the convenience of following the route in real time, being able to go out on the street to see the truck only when it is actually close to their home.

However, the biggest obstacle to implementing this system was the inaccuracy of the coordinates, as since 2019 other suppliers had tried to meet this demand without success.

It was in this context that CWI stepped in, determined to offer an end-to-end solution that not only met the standard, but could also surprise Coca-Cola. Without previously announcing the project, our team built an application aimed at those responsible for caravans, but which mainly aims to benefit Coke’s end customer, the consumer.
Illustration of a Santa Claus with a bottle of Coca-Cola on a red background.
Two smartphones display different sections of the Coca-Cola Christmas website.

Coca-Cola 2023 Christmas: tailor-made solution

The developed application is handled by truck assistants. The reason behind this was to ensure that road safety was preserved, as drivers would not be able to use mobile devices while driving. The application allowed driver assistants to identify the route the truck was about to take by clicking the “start route” button. This action activates the cell phone’s GPS, which displays extremely precise coordinates.

The decision to use the cell phone’s GPS was based on previous experiences, where a different device provided incorrect coordinates, making the application unfeasible. Tests demonstrated that cell phone GPS was more reliable and accurate. Thus, every 5 seconds, the application sends the coordinates of the truck’s current location to a system that stores them in a database.

Regarding location, the main challenge was finding a precise technical solution. To this end, several cell phones were tested to determine whether GPS accuracy varied significantly between brands, models and versions of the Android system. It was found that, although the difference was not discrepant, older devices had lower accuracy. As a result, the decision to establish requirements for cell phones two years old or younger was made.

Additionally, mapping the entire Caravans operation was another significant adversity. One of the essential tasks was to understand them in depth. As the technical team did not have direct knowledge of field operations, it was important to investigate and map the entire ecosystem. This included understanding the daily routine of drivers and assistants, the routes they took and the problems they faced, such as delays and route deviations due to street works, for example.

Security Measures

  • To ensure the effectiveness and reliability of the application, some precautions were necessary. One thing CWI took care of during this stage was to ensure that even in areas with limited internet access or total loss of signal, information about the route was registered. This way, they could be sent later when the connection is reestablished.
  • Other important measures have been adopted to ensure proper use of the application and prevent inconvenience. An example of this is when the cell phone battery has less than 50% charge, the application emits a warning to remind the user to connect the device,  preventing the battery from running out and impairing tracking.
  • And, if he forgets to end the route, the software automatically stops monitoring three hours after the scheduled end time of the route. This prevents the application from continuing to track uninterruptedly.
A smartphone displays the tracking of the Illuminated Caravan.
Illustration of Santa Claus holding three bottles of Coca-Cola, on a red background decorated with Christmas balls and stars.

End-to-end service

In partnership with the technical team, CWI Marketing played a crucial role in this delivery. The first step came from understanding the identity and branding manual for the Coca-Cola Christmas campaign. Based on this understanding, it was possible to conceive the design and structure of the landing page.

Visual solutions were proposed that maintained the brand’s personality, while adapting to visual and textual communication more aligned with the Brazilian public. There was also the co-creation of the campaign’s big new feature, which consisted of real-time monitoring of Christmas caravans, with the support of Coca-Cola’s developers and internal team.

Having this sector integrated into the development team brings remarkable agility and efficiency to the process. This implies close collaboration from the beginning of the project, allowing both teams to discuss and plan together. The result is a more fluid process, reduced reworks, more effective deliveries and more predictable deadlines.

Technologies used

The Coca-Cola 2023 Christmas project involved two distinct fronts: a website used by consumers to view caravan information in real time and a mobile application for sending truck coordinates.

For the website development, consolidated technologies were used, such as Python on the backend and React on the frontend. In the case of the mobile application, the choice fell on React Native. This language made it possible to create a simple and intuitive application, meaning that anyone can use it easily.

The selection took into account the team’s familiarity and the need for fast advancement, with flexibility to adapt to possible changes in the future, if the project expands to other countries.
Illustration of a Coca-Cola bottle and colorful Christmas balls on a red background.

Beyond software, a magical experience

The main impact of this project was focused on Coca-Cola’s end consumers, as the solution provides greater convenience and safety. Tracking the caravan’s route in real time allows people to choose to move exactly when the Coca-Cola truck is approaching, especially at night.

Furthermore, the initiative creates an enchanting experience, especially for children, reinforcing the festive atmosphere associated with Christmas.
Illustration of a Coca-Cola snow globe with a city decorated for Christmas.

CWI and Coca-Cola: a successful partnership

A lasting partnership, established by mutual trust, motivated by the continuous commitment of both companies to provide an excellent experience for consumers. This is how CWI’s work with Coca-Cola can be described.

In parallel to the Christmas creations, there was also work on promotions related to the Copa Conmebol Libertadores final. In the “Coca-Cola Magic Final” promotion, which offered participants the chance to go to the Libertadores 2023 final, complete solutions were delivered that range from mechanical details, such as information and rules, to the design, construction and maintenance of the Landing Page.

Among other solutions, CWI also had the honor of being responsible for developing the returnable bottle promotion website for the 5th consecutive year.
On a black background, we have the Coca-Cola logo, a plus sign and the CWI logo.

CWI’s differentials

CWI is distinguished by its culture of knowledge sharing and internal synergy. The weekly Dojos, where cwisers can exchange experiences and discuss topics on a variety of topics, not only help with professional development, but also in building solid relationships between times, creating a harmonious and effective work environment.

Another differential is the high involvement of the technical team in all aspects of the project. In addition to programming, these professionals understand the client’s business and actively contribute to the conception, architecture and testing of the software.

Immersed in all stages, the commitment and dedication to this project went beyond computer screens. To ensure the app met customer needs, some CWI developers tested the tool using their own vehicles. They installed the application on their smartphones and used it during personal trips, such as trips to the market, college, among others. During these activities, they captured coordinates to evaluate the application’s accuracy in real-world situations.

This high degree of involvement illustrates the determination to ensure excellence in deliveries, highlighting the zeal for high quality standards.
Outdoor photo of a woman from behind holding a pad and pen, looking at the CWI - Beyond Software logo on a glass door.

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Technologies used in the project

To achieve the client's desired result in this project, these were some of the technologies used.

  • React logo.


Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office. Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office.

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