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Strategic Software Engineering

It's not enough to just code, it's about deeply understanding clients' needs, creating strategies, and applying the best practices and technologies. Our software engineering culture permeates all of our teams’ work and guarantees relevant deliveries.

  • Digital products

    Strategies, software architecture, roadmaps, MVPs, apps and digital platforms that boost your online presence with advanced, up-to-date and context-appropriate technologies.

  • Financial solutions

    Experience and security for institutions to evolve their internal processes and range of digital services, such as credit mats, Pix, cards and insurance.

  • E-commerce creation and integration

    Saving time and resources by creating and integrating e-commerce with systems such as inventory management, payment, marketplace and logistics.

  • Modernization and cloud migration

    Improve efficiency and scalability with analysis and rebuilding of legacy software. Cost reduction and greater flexibility with cloud migration.

  • Design and user experience

    To deliver relevant, desired experiences with increased customer loyalty rates, Design specialties such as UX, UI, prototyping and CRO are essential.

  • API integration cross platforms

    More speed with automations that connect your product to the systems and services your business needs.

  • Advanced data analytics

    Use of machine learning and data science to generate greater predictability, optimize processes, improve performance and support decision-making.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    Evolution in development performance and process optimization solutions with personalized use of AI for the
your business.

  • Digital culture

    Gain in efficiency, collaboration potential, and innovation capacity achieved by maturity in Strategic Software Engineering. Continuous training of professionals with CWI DNA.

Performance formats

End-to-end performance

Our broad business understanding: from the strategy to the delivery of the solution, including the identification of new opportunities. Working groups in each discipline promote initiatives to constantly raise the technical standard.

  • Front-end

    Development of visually engaging interfaces with maximum optimization in efficiency and performance to provide better interactions and expansion of results.


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  • Back-end

    Development of scalable and high-performance solutions, applying practices such as load and performance testing and automation of build and deploy pipelines.


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  • Mobility

    Development of applications for mobile devices considering best practices and programming languages, tools, and frameworks most appropriate to the context.


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  • Design

    Creation of competitive solutions, considering differentiation and desirability and based on market studies, trends, research, co-creation and experimentation.


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  • Quality Assurance

    Improving user experience through software quality assurance with testing and establishing standards and development processes.

    Quality Assurance

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  • Security

    Development based on the principles of security and privacy by design, meeting high-level security requirements, such as PCI Compliance, GDPR and LGPD.


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  • Processes

    Improvement of work processes and implementation of agile practices to form high-performance teams, valuing people and results and promoting continuous improvement.


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  • Data & AI

    Expansion and acceleration of the use of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence tools to enhance clients results and our Strategic Software Engineering.

    Data & AI

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  • Product

    Definition of strategies and identification of business opportunities for creating products based on data and studies, enhancing competitiveness.


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CWI's strategic deliveries involve skills and knowledge translated into partnerships with major brands. Here are some of them:

Technologies we use in our projects

Advanced, updated and appropriate to the context. We can work with all technologies on the market, evaluating which are the best for our clients.

We are experts in your business

Shared work table, with a notebook, a smartphone, and a cup of coffee in the foreground.
  • Financial
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Technology
  • Other industries

Our experience with different industries allows us to understand the technology and business particularities of each sector, so that your challenge becomes ours.

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Shared work table, with a notebook, a smartphone, and a cup of coffee in the foreground.
Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office. Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office.

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