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Sobre um fundo preto, temos três elementos. Mais à esquerda, uma sequência de zeros e uns. Abaixo, o logotipo da CWI. E à direita, traços de um rosto humano.

It is not enough to know what artificial intelligence (AI) is and its potential to transform the corporate world. CWI has been putting theory into practice and reaping the results of optimizing development time and delivering value to its customers.

In this article, you can learn more about the application of LLMs (large language models) in the day-to-day work of our Strategic Software Engineering. There are examples of how artificial intelligence enhances the work of programmers and how our clients’ businesses are being positively impacted.

Check out the list of our experiences and, below, the details of each case.

  • Improvement of oral reading assessment on the Elefante Letrado platform
  • Personalized chatbot for French course students
  • Custom chatbot for Coca-Cola customer service
  • Optimization of the data extraction process from real estate group documents
  • Generation of summaries of real estate group documents
  • Acceleration of software engineering tasks with BV bank

Artificial intelligence in children’s reading assessment

Elefante Letrado is a digital reading platform used in more than 2,700 educational institutions. One of the features developed by CWI allows children to record their reading and, later, forward the audio so that the teacher can monitor their progress.

These out loud readings are subjected to an artificial intelligence assessment on the platform. A speech recognition model is used to generate transcriptions of the audios, which are then compared with the original text of the books.

Thus, several performance metrics are generated, which help teachers identify which children are managing to develop reading skills well. Over time, it is expected that improvements in the application allow not only the mapping of children’s learning, but also the transformation of the data obtained into useful statistics for society.

Chatbots to enhance end-user experience

Et si on utilisait l’intelligence artificielle pour créer des amis virtuels personnalisés? This is what CWI is developing for a French course: personalized virtual friends who can talk to students and help them practice the language. The proof of concept (PoC) has already been approved and the new functionality will soon be live, adding yet another difference to the course.

Among the main challenges in creating this personalized chatbot is representing different personalities. This way, each student will be able to talk about topics of interest to them, spontaneously and naturally.

At Coca-Cola, the Kora chatbot was developed by CWI using natural language processing (NLP). This branch of artificial intelligence allowed the functionality of processing text sent by the user to identify their intention, providing faster and more efficient service.

Optimizing the ability of strategic use of information with AI

A real estate group relies on CWI to generate value by extracting information from documents that can bring new opportunities to the business. Based on the PoC of a C# application that interacts with the OpenAI API (the company that created ChatGPT), the project promises relevant results soon.

The potential of artificial intelligence is also being used in practice to generate summaries of the group’s documents. Automated and capable of dealing with a large volume of information, the innovation will allow the company to anticipate impactful movements and act before certain setbacks arise. Without a doubt, a gain of great value for the organization.

Less repetitive work, more time to make the best use of our expertise

Together with the BV bank team, CWI is using artificial intelligence to accelerate software development. The first tests already show a good optimization of time in engineering tasks, both for programming and for creating test scenarios.

The tool produced for devs and QAs should increase the speed of producing repetitive tasks, which require some type of writing. In this way, the time of professionals who form the BV technology team can be more concentrated on activities that only humans can perform: analyzing the context and proposing appropriate solutions, capable of contributing to the growth of business results.

CWI Strategic Software Engineering can find, with you, the best use of artificial intelligence for your business. Get in touch to talk about optimizing your results in a safe and innovative way.

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