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Technology has been transforming the way we learn and teach. The educational platforms and universities that do this with the support of CWI’s Strategic Software Engineering achieve results that make them stand out from the competition.

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Having technological resources as allies in Education, our clients already count on us to use artificial intelligence as a tool to differentiate their products and services. We can cite as examples the use of AI to support the identification of children’s reading fluency and to generate personalized virtual friends who can talk to students and help them practice a new language.

Among our projects focused on Education are an online course marketplace, an English course portal with complete monitoring of user behavior and an internship vacancy platform in which CWI delivered both software engineering and branding.


In addition, we also work on Engineering and Process assessments and the evolution and improvement of the academic planning process, aiming to better allocate physical and human resources, as well as improving validations and performance of a relationship portal with alumni and in agile consultancy.

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Technologies applied in projects

Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office. Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office.

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