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A boy on a couch looking at a tablet while wearing headphones. A boy on a couch looking at a tablet while wearing headphones.

Artificial Intelligence for Reading Assessment

Reading fluency tests with instant results is an advantage for our client’s business. Learn how AI was applied!

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to assist CWI’s partners in many ways, including in the creation of features that make their digital products even better. This was the case with Elefante Letrado.

The reading platform offers a reading fluency test that uses artificial intelligence to determine a child’s reading level. The partnership with CWI’s Strategic Software Engineering team led to the addition of another advantage for attracting new clients. Here’s how AI was used in this new feature!

A new assessment tool for teachers

Improving customer service with personalized chatbots, saving time by accelerating development tasks and adding features that enhance user experience are just a few examples of how artificial intelligence can be used in business.

At Elefante Letrado, this last example became a reality to help teachers who use the platform with their classes. The solution is present in more than 2,700 educational institutions, providing easy access to thousands of books in Portuguese and also to an English-language library.
Notebook screen displaying reports.

A differentiator that helps in users’ daily lives

Bringing Artificial Intelligence into the educational context, Elefante Letrado and CWI improved the functionality of recording read-aloud sessions. Children’s audio recordings are submitted to automated evaluation to help teachers identify which students are developing strong reading fluency.

To achieve this, a speech recognition model was used to transcribe the audio recordings. The transcriptions are then compared to the original book texts, checking the number of words read correctly per minute. 

In this way, teachers receive a report indicating the fluency level of students relative to the expected standard for their current grade level: adequate, advanced, basic or below basic. The basis for this diagnosis, as explained by Elefante Letrado founder Scheila Vontobel, is a database of approximately 5,000 audio samples evaluated by teachers, educators and other specialists in the field.
A smartphone displays the Elefante Letrado logo against a green background.

“The teacher sends the test to the student, the student does it digitally, records it, and everything is registered with the student’s own voice. Then this test is evaluated and sent as a result to the teacher in less than a minute after the child completes the test.”

Foto de Scheila Vontobel. Scheila Vontobel
Chairwoman of the Board – Elefante Letrado

CWI’s Strategic Software Engineering team is ready to immerse itself in your business and support the use of Artificial Intelligence as a way to boost your results. Count on us to do this using methods and processes that aim to grow your revenue.

Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office. Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office.

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