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Photo of DLL employees around a television showing a video conference. Photo of DLL employees around a television showing a video conference, with the DLL logo below.

Improving the customer journey at Rabobank Group

The ability to understand the specific needs of the sector was an essential element for the success of the partnership.

Cwiser Ana Paula Scariot had the opportunity to cross borders and travel to Mexico to visit a traditional CWI client: Banco DLL, fully owned subsidiary of Rabobank Group. The purpose of the trip was to make available the first version of a new product that is being developed by CWI and which aims to boost and digitalize the process of creating DLL financing proposals in Latin America.

Previous connections

Ana Paula’s trip to Mexico, who works as a business analyst, did not happen by chance, as her contact with the country had started some time ago. This is because, shortly before joining CWI, the professional completed a master’s degree in User-Centered Design on Mexican soil.

“I joined CWI in October 2021. Kátia Einsfeld da Rocha, systems manager, invited me when I was at the airport, returning from my master’s degree. I started working on the Herval Group project, in the ecommerce part, where I stayed for approximately six months. As I had done this master’s degree, and DLL came with the proposal to start a project for Latin America, it ended up being a wedding. What is the probability of this happening? It was meant to be, the universe cooperated”, she says.

According to the cwiser, the knowledge, experiences and connection she had with the country ended up contributing to CWI working not only with the development of the solution, but also with the Discovery process.
Ana Paula Scariot's photo.
A monitor displays the DLL website. Bubbles with illustrations of cars and houses come through from it.

Focus on the customer journey

Started in July 2022, the project seeks to improve the customer journey in the financing request process, with the aim of making it digital, more efficient and providing faster responses. Currently, the process is conducted internally, but the new platform developed will open up opportunities for DLL bank partners to participate directly in the credit process.

It is divided into three distinct phases. The first is more internal and the second focused on documentation. Both aim to provide maturity to the project and the team involved. The third is the one that will bring the most value and will be open to DLL’s external partners, allowing them to use and benefit from the product being developed.

“We continue with our team in Brazil, and to meet the demand in Latin America, we formed a new squad dedicated exclusively to this region. We started our operations in Mexico, and we have plans to expand the project to Chile in the near future”, explains the business analyst.

Ten professionals work there. Ana as PO, a technical leader, two front-end devs, two back-end devs, two QAs, a designer (Carolina dos Passos Hoffmann Pereira) and the manager Rômulo Mendes.

“The fact of having a designer together from the beginning helped us a lot in all stages of Discovery. Both to look for problems and to design the best possible solution to improve the customer experience. Understanding the business process, combining the improvement of the interface and experience, was something that really made the customer see value in the solution.”

Ana Paula Scariot's photo. Ana Paula Scariot
Business Analyst – CWI

Challenges during project execution

  • For Ana, one of the biggest obstacles during the execution of the project was the cultural difference, since the profile of Mexican users is different from Brazilian ones.
  • This required intense ideation, brainstorming and prototyping work, with the participation of the local IT team.
  • The objective was to present the proposed solutions to obtain feedback. Therefore, this entire process of building the solution ideation was a great challenge.
DLL collaborators' photo.

DLL responsiveness

“Everyone was really nice and welcoming. We were able to obtain important answers to help us organize all the processes of this project. We arrived on a Sunday and on Tuesday we had the first meeting with them to present the MVP demo. They were very happy to see something more tangible and that we are on the right path”, he describes.

Ana Paula highlights that the visit to Mexico allowed a more effective alignment regarding the project’s needs and also the proposed solutions, providing several positive results, both in terms of customer relationships and product improvement.

It also contributed to strengthening ties between CWI and the client, in addition to reinforcing confidence in the work carried out. The team received positive feedback and was encouraged to move on to the next phase of the project.
DLL logo - financial solutions partner.
A monitor displays the NEO DLL screen, next to the DLL and CWI logos.

The difference of CWI Software Engineering

CWI’s partnership with DLL is long-standing and the company has been developing important projects for the bank for 19 years. Among them, we can highlight the construction of NEO, which was a success within DLL and became a reference for several countries.

Thus, previous results combined with CWI’s expertise, credibility, quality and use of agile methodologies were decisive for the client to trust the delivery of this new project. “There was a cultural change in the customer’s view, as they had no contact with the
agile methodology in Mexico. At first it was a disruption”, says Ana.
The cwiser also highlights that during its visit to the DLL office it received some feedback. “Some people hugged me when they saw me and said ‘wow, what a cool job you’re doing’ and gave all super positive feedback. And that touched me a lot”, he describes.

As reported by Wagner Santos, DLL’s Delivery Manager, CWI proved to be the ideal partner for the Bank. He emphasizes three essential elements that contributed to the success of this partnership:

• the highly qualified team,
• technological expertise and
• the ability to understand the specific needs of the financial sector.

“From the beginning of the first project together, it was clear that they were building something impactful and that it would become fundamental to the future of Banco DLL. Over the years, CWI has played a crucial role in modernizing the bank’s systems, simplifying internal processes, enhancing the customer experience and increasing the security of operations. Your contribution was fundamental to achieving these significant advances. We recently chose to develop this success story beyond the borders of Brazil, expanding the scope and reach of our partnership to Latin America. We then started a digital transformation project in Mexico, taking the lessons learned and experiences gained over the years and taking advantage of the opportunities in this market.”

Wagner Santos' photo. Wagner Santos
Delivery Manager – DLL

The key to achieve results

According to the Delivery Manager, through the visit it was possible to strengthen the project team’s relationship with the business teams, the main stakeholders of this transformation, validate the ideas and solutions built during the discovery phases and also make clear the next challenges to achieve objectives and generate the expected value in this transformation.

“Again, CWI will be the key to achieve the expected results through expertise, capacity and commitment to Banco DLL’s objectives. Therefore, we hope to continue together, hoping for more years of this partnership of success and innovation”, concludes Wagner.
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