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On a background in shades of purple and blue, a notebook shows the Elefante Letrado website. On a background in shades of purple and blue, a cell phone shows the Elefante Letrado website.

New acess load 

Elefante Letrado’s partnership with the State Government of Rio Grande do Sul for public school education brought a new technology challenge.

Elefante Letrado is a tool that encourages the habit of reading in children between 6 and 11 years of age. Part of its curation is made up of works by renowned names in literature such as Monteiro Lobato, Grimm Brothers and Ziraldo. Partners for many years, CWI and Elefante Letrado work together for a noble reason: to encourage reading among children.

Currently, thousands of books in Portuguese and English make up the collection. The system is predominantly available in schools in Brazil, but is also present in countries such as Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, England, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and Qatar.

Quality education everywhere

  • In 2021, the platform faced a major challenge: the significant increase in the volume of accesses due to the partnership between Elefante Letrado and the Government of the State of Rio Grande do Sul for public school education.
  • With an average of 80 thousand users, Elefante Letrado works on literary education through playful activities at the end of each reading, such as question games and memory games.
  • Due to the partnership, the expectation is that more than 200 thousand students will have recurring access to the platform, which creates a challenge: How to improve the platform to accommodate the new access dimension?
On a purple background, a monitor displays the

The CWI solution

The tool’s notoriety and CWI’s know-how have grown together over the years of partnership. The CWI value is recognized in strategy construction for developing solutions and constantly improving the product.

To support the new load, CWI converted the platform from .NET to .NET Core to increase performance. Entity Framework refactoring for native queries in SQL Server was also done. The platform is hosted on AWS with EC2, which allows greater scalability and elasticity, according to the load tests carried out that approved at least 10 thousand simultaneous users.

Elefante Letrado aims to become a reference tool for literacy for students in elementary schools in the state network.
On a gray background, a monitor displays the

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Technologies used in the project

To achieve the client's desired result in this project, these were some of the technologies used.

  • .NET Core logo.

    .NET Core

  • AWS logo.


  • SQL Server logo.

    SQL Server

  • Amazon EC2 logo.

    Amazon EC2

Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office. Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office.

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