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A cell phone shows the My Magic Recipe promotion page, on a gray background. A cell phone shows the My Magic Recipe promotion page, on a gray background.

"My Magic Recipe" Promotion

CWI overcomes challenges and stands out in Coca-Cola’s “My Magic Recipe” promotion with returnable bottles

CWI, for the 5th consecutive year, participated in another prominent Coca-Cola project and played an essential role in the construction of the new “My Magic Recipe” returnable bottle promotion, which in the first 18 days registered more than 500 thousand participations.

The action is committed to building a more sustainable world by encouraging consumers to purchase and return empty Coca-Cola bottles for reuse. In addition to contributing to sustainability, the campaign offers the opportunity to win valuable prizes, including prizes of up to R$50,000 for participants, as well as special incentives for authorized sellers.

“The action is carried out annually, however, with each edition, it presents some particularities. This year a bot is being used. Since 2018, CWI has been responsible for developing the promotion website, covering both the back end and front end”, explained the project’s technical manager, Diogo Pinheiro.

International Collaboration

In the context of this campaign, CWI had the privilege of collaborating simultaneously with Coca-Cola Latam for the first time, further strengthening its partnership with Coca-Cola Brasil. “This exceptional collaboration allowed CWI to take its performance to a new level, demonstrating its ability to deliver remarkable results beyond software development. It was a special opportunity to showcase the breadth of our work and reach new levels of excellence”, emphasized Diogo.

CWI went above and beyond by adopting a proactive, committed approach and exploring all possibilities to solve complex problems and ensure the success of the project. Acting beyond a pre-determined scope, through a range of tests with the created bot, and an agile approach, it was possible to overcome obstacles, ensuring that the promotion was executed efficiently.

The “My Magic Recipe” website was developed in Python combined with React, with a MySQL database.
A monitor displays a section of the

End-to-end delivery

  • Through an integrated development process, CWI combined its development and design expertise to deliver an end-to-end campaign page experience.
  • Using usability research, carrying out intensive testing and promoting continuous interactions, it was possible to ensure that the interface was intuitive, easy to use and, above all, engaging for consumers.
  • In addition to development and design activities, CWI also played a key role in integrating a bot for the “My Magic Recipe” promotion through WhatsApp. “This solution allowed for automated and personalized interaction with participants, providing an agile and efficient experience,” stated Diogo.
  • The CWI marketing team also worked on creating exclusive visual pieces, such as promotional images and informational materials, which were sent to participants via WhatsApp. “This complete and integrated approach demonstrates CWI’s commitment to offering a fluid and quality experience to promotion participants”, he highlighted.
Cell phone screen shows My Magic Recipe promotion page.
Announcement of the

Beyond software, user experience

At the beginning of the page, there is already a direction to the focus of the campaign, which is the path to Coca-Cola’s WhatsApp. The strategy aims to facilitate and encourage direct interaction with consumers, providing a personalized and agile experience.

When clicking on the direction, participants are taken to a conversation in the messaging app. The integration allows for convenient and immediate interaction, strengthening users’ engagement and active participation in the promotion.

Action results

Next, there is a layout developed with the detailed steps of the action and then a description of the prizes, ranging from R$2,000 to R$50,000 and also a R$100 IFood voucher.

In addition, the promotion will distribute more than 1 million free returnable Coca-Colas, through vouchers, to those who collect 5 points in caps.

Users have access to important additional information such as the location of exchange stations, a comprehensive list of participating products, and a complete FAQ about the promotion.
A notebook screen shows the

Coca-Cola and CWI Partnership

For five years, CWI has the privilege of developing the returnable bottle promotion website. This strong, long-standing partnership is a testament to the trust placed in CWI by Coca-Cola and reaffirms the commitment of both companies.

The CWI culture has in its essence facing challenges as opportunities for growth, driving them to constantly seek excellence, adaptability and transparency in all their actions. These values ​​are reflected in projects carried out in partnership with major brands, such as Coca-Cola.

CWI goes beyond software development and delivers solutions that exceed expectations and drive customer success. Through an approach focused on innovation and quality, the objective is to always offer excellent results, providing a lasting and impactful partnership.
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Technologies used in the project

To achieve the client's desired result in this project, these were some of the technologies used.

  • React logo.


  • Python logo.


  • MySQL logo.


Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office. Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office.

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