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A smartphone in front, displaying the Credz application home page. Behind, three other screens. A smartphone displaying the Credz application home page.

Partnership doubles the number of app accesses

The partnership between CWI and Credz for digital transformation resulted in twice the number of accesses to the credit card company’s Super App.

Doubling the number of accesses of an app in 6 months and achieving a 4.6 rating on download platforms seems like great business performance, doesn’t it?

These were just some of the results that Credz achieved alongside CWI in the evolution of Super App, an application that facilitated financial organization for many Brazilians.

With a partnership based on trust and collaboration, the company specialized in issuing credit cards achieved a difference compared to its competitors. Today, Credz offers more than one product and has increased the volume of users and financial transactions.

Check out the solutions developed and what the future plans for this partnership are!

Past and present

A CWI client since 2011, Credz entrusted part of the project for its own app to a team specialized in mobility development. Showing experience and knowledge, the team participated in strategic decisions and competently carried out the responsibility of delivering the back-end of an application with functions such as limit consultation, invoice statement, loyalty program points consultation and barcode for payment. Transactional functionality had not yet been implemented in the first deliveries.

Due to a change and evolution in technologies, the need to rewrite the application and add features that would accompany the digital transformation present in user’s routines became crucial. Credz’s wishes regarding the new project, SuperApp, included exploring new opportunities for growth and incentives for greater banking access for a public with lower purchasing power.

For CWI, the challenge was to help develop an application that valued the customer over the competition and, at the same time, met results expectations.
A smartphone displays the Credz app.
Three smartphones display different screens of the Credz app.

The project that gave Credz a competitive advantage

Using technologies such as .NET Core, PostgreSQL and React Native with Matera ERP integration, the CWI team developed an application that comprises a personalized digital account for Credz customers. This feature made it possible to switch from a consultation app to another with transactional functions, providing an advantage over competitors that offered similar services.

With the new features that SuperApp presents, users can make instant withdrawals and request credits with pre-approved limits, facilitating movement for immediate use. Furthermore, the application allows money transfers without using a card, with biometric validation security.

As a result of offering new products on the app, Credz achieved a rating of 4.6 on download platforms and, today, accumulates, on average, more than 16,000 accesses per hour, totaling around 800,000 customers who use the Super App. The consequence of significant numbers like these, achieved with CWI’s motivation, is continuous growth of the brand in all aspects.

Partnership beyond software

The partnership, which began 11 years ago, collects projects that have added to Credz’s digital transformation. Based on the trust conquered through the excellence and maturity of its professionals, CWI implemented improvement processes and transmitted part of its culture to the environment.

Seeking to optimize the company’s organizational processes, the team co-created a new demand management, structuring the entry of requests; helped with the implementation of agile methodologies and included the initiatives of the CWI Engineering Center for better results in the evolution of the business.

Currently, CWI has gained a notable position as one of the IT pillars in the financial company. Along with the responsibilities, there is great autonomy and support in the client’s strategic decisions, developing personalized solutions to their needs.
Illustration of seven Credz cards.

And the plans don’t stop there…

The company’s tranquility  in leaving important projects in the hands of qualified professionals is materialized in expectations for further growth.

As part of future plans, the Credz marketplace is being discussed to deliver quality and innovation to users. Furthermore, SuperApp will continue to receive updates and some API platforms will be modernized and restructured according to new technologies.

As for the partnership, the desires are to strengthen trust and increasingly deliver relevance and qualification. There is a vision for expanding the team as new projects emerge, seeking to bring high-level technical solutions with transformative power.
A pad of paper, two smartphones and a notebook on a table.

About Credz

Founded in 2011, Credz entered the market with the aim of becoming a reference in issuing open private label credit cards, focusing on the retail network.

The administrator already has a strategic partnership with the main companies in the sector, such as Fidelity, Cielo and Serasa, serving more than 40 brands across Brazil. Among the partners are major stores such as Becker Calçados, Bifarma, Chocolândia, Cybelar, Espaçolaser, Obino, Polo Wear, Tent Beach, Vestcasa and Wise Up.

With the conversion of the brand’s base to Visa in 2019, Credz is betting on an increase in customers and transactions.
Illustration representing the Credz logo.

About CWI

CWI is a reference in software solutions in the country, ranking among the largest technology companies in Brazil operating in various segments. With a culture of seeing challenges as possibilities, our greatest desire is the constant search for excellence, adaptability and transparency in their actions.

More than 1,300 employees actively build the company’s history, reflecting CWI’s philosophy on customers and obtaining results that go beyond software.

Our Software Engineering 

Based on an analysis of the problem, strategies are designed to develop the product best suited to the customer’s needs. For Credz, the team had experience in mobile technologies, evolving an existing service and bringing results that involve innovation. All processes are aligned with the philosophy of quality and excellence in delivery, providing value to the business.
Photo of the CWI building in São Leopoldo (RS).

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Technologies used in the project

To achieve the client's desired result in this project, these were some of the technologies used.

  • .NET Core logo.

    .NET Core

Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office. Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office.

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