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In addition to accelerating software development and the daily work of various fields, artificial intelligence has much to contribute to Education. Learning a new language, for example, can be much more enjoyable by combining a chatbot with AI.

A proof of concept (PoC) developed by the CWI team has already confirmed the feasibility of such solution. Various features can be integrated with a Large Language Model (LLM) like GPT, creating a new product for the market.

Check out some examples of functionalities for a student chatbot below!

Examples of chatbot features

Achieving the desired fluency in a new language involves different stages. Practice is one of the main and often quite challenging ones. Factors like embarrassment and the lack of people willing to talk can hinder the process.

With these points in mind, we developed a solution that combines a chatbot and Artificial Intelligence for one of our clients. The application enables students to practice writing conversationally on topics of their own interest.

To achieve this, we developed additional features to complement the functionalities provided by the OpenAI API, the creator of ChatGPT, which offers free access to its AI models. One feature ensures that the chat constantly encourages the student to practice more by asking questions and generating interactions (which, by the way, have no limit: the conversation can continue for long periods without the need to repeat predefined dialogues).

Another added feature was memory. If the person mentions in the chat that they are going to a birthday party, for example, in the next interaction the model will “remember” this information. This makes the conversation more fluid and personalized.

A chatbot with different personalities

The personalized experience with the chatbot is not only provided by the features integrated by the CWI team. The student also plays a role in this by determining which topics will be discussed in the conversations – which necessarily take place in the language set by our client.

Thus, each student can have a personalized virtual friend to practice writing during conversations about topics they enjoy. The chatbot can take on the personality of a football fan, a movie and series enthusiast, a cooking lover… the student’s imagination sets the tone.

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