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On a gray background, a monitor displays the home page of the Casas Bahia website. On a gray background, a cell phone displays the home page of the Casas Bahia website.

The value of CWI Software Engineering

Our trajectory with the Casas Bahia Group has already included deliveries on several fronts, both in e-commerce and in other systems.

The third largest retailer in Brazil in the revenue category (Ibevar Ranking – FIA) has CWI as a significant partner in Software Engineering. The Casas Bahia Group (formerly Via), which had revenue of R$30.9 billion in 2022, owns the brands Casas Bahia, Ponto (formerly Pontofrio),, Bartira, banQi, Rede Celer and ASAPLog.

Our trajectory with the group has already included deliveries on several fronts, both in e-commerce and other systems, as well as the evolution of technologies adopted by the company. Among the products of this partnership is the cart currently used on the company’s e-commerce platform, which was updated by the CWI team and one of the benefits was the reduction in the number of interactions to complete the purchase.

Continue reading to learn more about this and other results of our partnership with this Brazilian retail giant!

Nine journeys of partnership between CWI and Casas Bahia Group

CWI is proudly one of the Casas Bahia Group’s largest custom software delivery partners. This provides us with a space to suggest technologies and improvements and places us in areas such as planning, design, technical leadership, team management and agility processes.

This opportunity is only possible due to a very high level of engineering delivery within the company. Due to the trust that was built based on excellence delivery and credibility, visible in every line of code, in every intervention we make in meetings. It is clear that the Casas Bahia Group can count on CWI at any time.
Casas Bahia Group logo, plus sign and CWI logo.

CWI presence in different areas

Casas Bahia Group’s IT is broad and well-structured, which means we work on several different journeys. They are: Customer Success, Commercial Intelligence, Self-Service Purchase, Store, Logistics, Marketplace, Credit Services, Infrastructure and Operations & Security. CWI employees are even part of some of the leaders of these teams.

In 2020, the already solid partnership was strengthened, with an optimization of the synergy of objectives of the two companies. Since then, CWI has been intensifying contributions that go beyond software delivery, such as the culture delivery and the evolution of technologies within the group. We have grown in relevance, always focusing on engineering with direct support from established solutions.
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Three monitors, each displaying a different website: Ponto, Casas Bahia and Extra.

Significant results on multiple IT fronts of action

Being part of so many journeys in the IT area of ​​the Casas Bahia Group, CWI has already delivered a large number of solutions for different contexts. In this article, we will present three of them: improving the cart on the e-commerce platform, evolving the order area and improving the pricing API.

A new cart for the three e-commerces

  • The cart area of ​​the platform that serves the Casas Bahia, Ponto and Extra e-commerces was the focus of an immersion by CWI to understand the system in use until then and understand the main points of friction. The navigation flow as a whole was mapped to understand the application context, bugs and possible discrepancies.
  • Based on this identification, the project sought to transform the user journey based on the perspective of strategic design. With CWI’s hybrid leadership with the Casas Bahia Group, the development involved analyzing the flow and conversion funnel, reviewing tagging, carrying out A/B and usability tests with end customers, structuring a style guide, evaluating competition , benchmarking and social research.
  • The front-end challenge was to create a solution with customizable points for the other teams and that respected the guide determined by the Design chapter. In the back-end, the technologies used were .NET Core and Kubernetes (K8s).
On a red background, a monitor displays the Ponto website.

Evolution of My Orders

  • One of the projects on which CWI worked together with the group was the integration of data from orders placed in physical stores and e-commerce. Due to this involvement, we were invited to participate in a meeting that would address another initiative that concerned the My Orders screen.
  • Initially, the proposal was to operate with a predefined layout and integrate with an API that provided order status. We understood that there was no way and explained the reasons. The result was the development of a new front-end and integration with the  API of orders  in record time to be available for Black Friday. Since then, the My Requests squad, among other Customer Success teams, has been co-responsible for CWI.
A smartphone displays the Casas Bahia application.

Update to the pricing API exempted requests

  • At a certain point, a technological evolution was also necessary in the API that delivers prices to the Google feed. The complexity was big. After all, this API is involved in an extremely sensitive issue for not just one, but three e-commerces.
  • CWI faced the challenge and, with just a first stage that lasted three months, it reduced the requests that arrived via the API by 50%. Since then, improvements have been made continuously and today all price delivery is modernized.
On a blue background, icons represent how an API works.

Beyond software: sharing knowledge

CWI’s work at Casas Bahia Group is based on a proactive vision of the client’s business. We identify opportunities and present proposals that contribute to the evolution of the technologies used, the way we work and team management.

An example of this second sphere of activity is the creation of dojos by the CWI team in the group. Dojos are meetings for code exercises or short lectures given and prepared by the employees themselves, spontaneously.

This is one of the ways we put our slogan, “beyond software”, into practice. We share knowledge and seek to add improvements to the company’s development culture.
Photo of two men shaking hands.

About Casas Bahia Group

The group’s businesses include omnichannel retail, marketplace, financial services (represented by the free banQi digital account) and logistics.

Making two deliveries per second, the organization has the largest logistics network in Brazil. Its structure guarantees 40% of orders delivered within 24 hours and 60% within 48 hours. There are 46 thousand employees on the team, more than 97 million customers and more than 1000 stores present in more than 400 municipalities throughout Brazil.

One of CWI’s roles in the Casas Bahia Group is to support the company’s expansion in technology and culture. Our aim is to be relevant everywhere we operate.
A notebook on a table displays the Casas Bahia Group website.

About CWI

CWI is one of the largest companies in Brazil in the Information Technology sector. Its services are organized into two large blocks: Software Engineering and Digital Strategy.

Whatever area your demand is, CWI develops the solution you need, tailored to your business. We deliver much more than software: we understand what success means in your company and create instruments that become fundamental in achieving the organization’s objectives.

Without a ready-made formula and with 30 years of experience, we seek to be true partners in building solutions with our customers. We go beyond executing ideas already considered: we think strategically about the entire process. To achieve this, we have multidisciplinary teams that meet complex demands and deliver high-level technical deliveries.

Software Engineering 

CWI’s Software Engineering services encompass business understanding, problem understanding, strategy definition and solution implementation to deliver value. This scope of action is one of the reasons why our partnership with the Casas Bahia Group has been bringing such positive results.

Here, the exercise of improving our perspective on new possibilities for generating value is constant. The Software Engineering applied by CWI is exclusive and ensures the quality of the products we develop.
Photo of the CWI building in the city of São Leopoldo (RS).

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Technologies used in the project

To achieve the client's desired result in this project, these were some of the technologies used.

  • .NET logo.


  • Kubernetes (K8s) logo.

    Kubernetes (K8s)

Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office. Facade of the CWI Software building at the São Leopoldo office.

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