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Allocation of professionals
and IT management.

We share our know-how by providing qualified professionals with suitable profiles to complement the IT team within organizations.

Our specialized staff and strong alliance with the main universities, technical schools and partners provide us with an extensive talent pool, enabling us to meet our customer’s needs with agility and quality.

In addition, clients can follow the progress of ongoing activities via Outsourcing CWI, through specialized management tools and professionals.

IT Management

We provide either complete or partial management of IT resources, allowing clients to enhance their focus on core business. Teams are sized in accordance with demand, with CWI in charge of technical and administrative supervision, reporting to the Client Manager.

Technical Support

Services provided are a combination of our extensive experience in project development, new technologies and IT management tools, as well as DBA services and infrastructure support in communication, servers and workstations.

Specialized Monitoring

CWI staff are systematically monitored by our HR Department and Outsourcing CWI coordinators. This gives CWI all the information it needs to ensure sound management and efficient communication with clients. This also establishes a relationship with the technical department for occasional technical support, and direct communication with HR, in the quest to preserve CWI culture and employee satisfaction.

SLA - Service Level Agreements

Managing services using goals and criteria established in advance with our clients.